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--- Read Before Applying -----
--- Read Before Applying -----
--- Read Before Applying -----

 There are a LOT of people, scams and " Agencies" offering the same thing. Some of the choices available are excellent if you want a job or a part time situation. There are also opportunities that may fit your needs perfectly. My ad is designed for the lady, who has searched for more than just a job, a hustle and or the quick fix. She is seeking a place to belong, working for a goal with a higher purpose than "getting money". She has been searching for a support system with high standards and ethics, free of judgement and tunnel vision thinking. The Lady that fits the profile, will posses qualities and traits that are invaluable:

 1) Honest // Loyal // Trustworthy
2) Serious and ready to make the change of a Lifetime
3) Single, and available physical, and more importantly mentally
4) Open minded and WILLING to listen.

 The opportunity I extend is attached with a challenge. The challenge of looking in the mirror and assigning yourself the duty to become the best you can be. We are both here, because there is something that we are searching for. We are both, seeking the missing link, together, maybe...just maybe we can unlock the greatness within you.

 So in your search, think about my post. Take a moment to define what are you truly searching for. What are you willing to invest in order to become successful? Are you TRULY ready and available for such a change. Some whom I have had the pleasure ( and some NOT so pleasurable) of meeting, are potentially phenomenal individuals, but are stuck in a rut, trying to get out. It happens. It happens to every successful - creative person. The only question that is worthy of consideration at that point is WTF am I going to do to change it!! Even if I am not a good fit for you... Hopefully a few words of inspiration will help you to push forward and find what you need.

 I realize that it is easier to work with someone that will take what you give them. I understand that everyone is not in search of such a personal approach to making money. I'm interested in someone that wants the challenge of becoming THE BEST. Simple. For years I have helped to build, encourage, mold and motivate people from all shapes, races, colors and creeds to become better people FIRST. The entertainer - that make over comes, secondary. I seek the exceptional, the rare, the motivated Lady with the potential to become Great. 

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